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Garden of Life

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Once thought to be a "bad" fat, coconut oil has been proven to be a stable, healthy saturated fat that can help maintain cholesterol levels, support thyroid function, ease occasional digestive disorder symptoms, avert sugar cravings and provide many other health benefits.

Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains lauric acid-the kind found in mother's milk-along with other medium-chain fatty acids. These super fatty acids are quickly metabolized and converted to energy in the body, rather than being stored as fat. Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made with only the freshest, organically grown coconuts.

Return to the purity of the world's healthiest oil with Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

“Medical Research has shown that coconut oil helps the immune system respond in a beneficial manner. That the monolauric and lauric acid derived from coconut oil is an appropriate choice of lauric acid for promoting health and as an adjunct treatment to viral diseases, monolauric is used by the body to produce high levels of anti-microbial activity.”

Made from Certified Organic Coconuts

Contains Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-fungal Properties

Abundant in Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Helps to Improve HDL and LDL Cholesterol Ratios

Shown to Support Healthy Thyroid Function

May Help to Promote Proper Weight Management

Helps to Reduce Hypoglycemic Cravings

May Improve Symptoms of Digestive Disorders

Known to Promote Smooth & Supple Skin

Can Withstand Wide Heat Ranges Without Oxidation

Delicious Coconut Flavor and Aroma
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