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Osha Pine

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Earth Spectrum Botanicals
Diamond Body Bio-resonant Botanical Formulas
For Mind/Body/Energy Regeneration & Full-Spectrum Health

Regenerates the respiratory system, deepens the breath of life to revitalize the spirit and expand one’s sense of joy and clarity. This is our #1 best selling product because it is so effective at restoring respiratory health.

This formula is a brilliant combination of herbs for the physiology and flower essences for the emotions to promote total health.


The closely guarded technology of ancient, enlightened civilizations, utilized precious gems as transmitters of light and of specific frequencies of consciousness. Planetary Gem Elixirs embody the sacred art and science of imprinting a fluid medium with the intrinsic energy pattern of each gem. The elixirs are prepared from rare and superior stones, hand-selected by a trained gemologist to insure their natural, flawless, untreated and geometrically refined state. The alchemical principles involved reflect a high degree of yogic discipline, prayerful intent, and knowledge of key astrological cycles. Due to the carefully guided ritual practice with which the elixirs are prepared, they are powerful catalysts for personal and planetary evolution.

The gem elixirs resonate with the unique blueprint of karmic information that is stored in the causal body and transmitted to the human energy matrix. The information that each gem elixir transmits is encoded in a crystalline, geometric language. Specific light frequencies are color-coded and downloaded into the vibratory field of the individual. When masterfully prepared, the gem elixirs clear the subtle channels so that the divine blueprint of consciousness is free to express the intelligence of the soul.

Planetary Gem Elixirs - Ambassadors of Cosmic Light
Gems are celestial gifts from the heavens that activate inner dimensional awareness. Specific Gems receive their powers from the cosmic energies of the planets. The color-coded frequencies that travel from the planets in our solar system are filled with interstellar intelligence that infuses itself into the natural landscape of Earth. The stars of our galaxy and the cosmic rays that permeate their celestial territory reveal our identity as ambassadors of divine awareness. The gems possess a unique capacity to reflect this chromatically coded light in physical form. Thus, they serve as precise vehicles of expression for the mechanics of manifest and unmanifest creation.

Amethyst - Saturn (Shani)
Blue Sapphire - Saturn (Shani)
Cat's Eye - Moon's South Node (Ketu)
Diamond - Venus (Shukra)
Emerald - Mercury (Budha)
Hessonite - Moon's North Node (Rahu)
Pearl - Moon (Chandras)
Red Coral - Mars (Mangala)
Rose Quartz - Universal Heart Harmonizer
Ruby - Sun (Surya)
White Sapphire - Venus (Shukra)
Yellow Sapphire - Jupiter (Brihaspati)

Through the interface between planetary gem elixirs and the human auric field, vibrational information is fed to the subconscious, conscious and supra conscious fields of awareness. The Vedic texts of "Jyotish" and the "Guruda Purana" provide instruction as to the use of gems for healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Recommendations are made for the amelioration of astrological afflictions and imbalances in one’s natal or progressive chart, or to accent a beneficial configuration.

Ingestion of the Living Light and Essence of the Gemstones - 
The healing properties of the gems can be ingested through several different time-honored processes. The first, through a visual interactive process, involves the absorption of the gem’s celestial light through the physical eyes. Yantras, sacred symbols reflecting planetary energies enliven the universal powers in ones awareness. In ancient times, articles of clothing, armor, jewelry or other accoutrements were encrusted with gems as a means of receiving their power and blessing. The second means involved the ingestion of the gem as living liquid light. The value of the Planetary Gem Elixir lies in its ability to be taken at frequent intervals, infusing the subtle physiology with its transformative properties over time.
The present project will utilize Kirlian photography and other photometric light-sensitive methodologies to identify the crystalline structure inherent in the elixirs and their effects on human consciousness.

Bringing the Celestial Gift of Planetary Gem Elixirs to Humanity
Over the centuries, the use of planetary gem elixirs was often limited to members of the royal court or the elite strata of society. Our present purpose is to create gem elixirs of this same noble caliber for use by a wide range of individuals from all walks of life. During this crucial time on our planet, when the quest for planetary transformation is being fueled by the divine need for peace, order and reconciliation, these elixirs serve an important role.
Through their elegant but powerful interplay with human consciousness, the Planetary Gem Elixirs work with the highest levels of the human emotional and mental processes. The elixirs transmute limited thought structures and create a bridge to the Divine Self. Thus, these preparations have the potential to elevate the light body of individuals as well as nations. The elixirs are capable of opening the interdimensional portals that align us with advanced interstellar intelligence. The Planetary Gem Elixirs create the fluidity and expansion of awareness that will move us towards a peaceful, loving and co-creative life path.

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