Emerald Gem Elixir
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Emerald Gem Elixir

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Product Description

Jyotish Gem Elixirs formulated by Lilli Botchis, M.D.

For consultations call Earth Spectrum Botanicals at 319-400-2293.

Mercury (Budha)
Powerful influence on the range of intelligence, enhances and refines all forms of communication, greater articulation in speaking, writing, sharpens memory and linguistic abilities, accelerates learning and broadens interest for knowledge, encourages a youthful fun loving disposition, sparks enthusiasm and may activate psychic abilities through heightened sense ability, stabilizes the nervous system, promotes dexterity and discernment, optimizes ability to love self and others, cultures kindness and generosity, enhances receptivity to divine mother earth energies, inspires communion with nature, fosters feeling of abundance and gratitude. Chakras and Potential Physical Indicators: Heart Chakra - Strengthens and refines the senses, improves physical dexterity and motor coordination, stabilizing and strengthening influence on the nervous system, enhances body/mind integration, reduces stress, improves mental clarity

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