Red Coral Gem Elixir
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Red Coral Gem Elixir

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Product Description

Jyotish Gem Elixirs formulated by Lilli Botchis, M.D.

For consultations call Earth Spectrum Botanicals at 319-400-2293.

Red Coral
Mars (Mangala)
Balances the fiery temperament, generates courage, strength and vitality, balances sexual forces, clarifies energetic direction and focus in life, inspires constructive endeavors and activities, ensures follow through of commitment to completion, uplifts the creative spirit, cultures positive self affirming thoughts and happiness, quiets emotions, frees repetitive thinking, encourages decisive action without judgment, brings the courage to overcome fears and procrastination, determination, enhances concentration, balances the male/female energetic axis, brings improvement to finances.

Chakras and Potential Physical Indicators
Root and Sacral generative chakras Supports and balances – heart, circulatory system, digestion, metabolism, may enhance fertility, reduces worry and stabilizes the emotions, balances the water/fire elements in the physiology, stamina and vitality

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